Instagram will soon allows users to add music to their stories

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Instagram is now adding a new cool feature now users can add music to your Stories.This new feature is called Music Stickers which allows users to search for music clips and to play those over their Stories just like followers view them.
Users will be able to search music under different categories Such as Trending, Genres and Moods.

Right now it’s not certain where the music will come from or how it will be available. Will it play a clip from the song, or the whole song. Will be have option to select a part of the clip or we can trim a clip just like we want and many other questions. To know about it We will have to wait until this feature is out for sure.

In the last few months Instagram has added several features. Specially to the Stories, from Text Update to sharing sharing screenshot from third party app directly to stories. Also restaurant booking, Group video call, Special Portrait mode and followable hashtags are some of the beat features that has been introduced by Instagram recently. And now adding Music to the Stories is a addition to it.

We don’t know when this feature will arrive in the market but we are sure that it will definitely be one of the best feature introduced by Instagram.


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