April 15, 2024
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Google Assistant is surely one of the best but saying ” Hey Google’ every single you need to talk to it gets quite annoying sometimes.

But Recently at Google I/O the company has announced to add two new features to make it simple to chat with the Google Assistant. The first one is continued conversation and the other one is multiple actions.

With Continued Conversation feature users can follow up on their previous requests without repeating “Hey Google” or “Okay Google”. Users will be able to directly as a question like what is the temperature today ? and when it answers you can can what about tomorrow or next week. It will not require you to say or repeat Hey Google every single time. It will also be able to recognize when to are talking to it and when you you are talking to a person around you or next to it. But its not been clear how long after you first request google assistant will be able to listen.

On the other hand, Multiple Actions allows a users to ask multiple question at once such as who is the Prime Minister of India and when is his Birthday ? Google Assistant will be able to provide to the answers. These two new features are surely amazing and will make it more easy to use Google Assistant.

Through the company has announced these two features we don’t know when will it be available but we hope that it will start rolling very soon.

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