April 1, 2023
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Today internet plays a very important role in our daily life, its changing the peoples lifestyle and has also played a huge role in profession and business world. Today there are a lot of ways through which one can earn online.

In this article I will talk about some of the best ways to earn online. Which you can start doing today and can earn well from it.

There are thousands of ways to earn online and it wont be possible for me to write about all of them in this so I have selected 5 different ways that I think will be best for anyone to start with.

  • Social Media Influencer
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Online Tutors

1. Social Media Influencer:

Social media influencer is someone who has a large numbers of online followers in a specific field such as fashion, food, fitness, lifestyle etc. They create content for there social media through which their viewer engage with them. Influencers earn from 5000 to 5lacs depending on your followers and more.

To begin your career in social media influencing all you need is:

  1. Select a niche which you like and are passionate about. And try to learn about some technical things about it such as photo or video editing, photography etc. you don’t need to be an expert in it but having some knowledge will give you an edge.
  2. Create your social media profile and write a catchy description about yourself i.e. who you are and what your profile is all about.
  3. Switch to profession account (Instagram) this you provide you more insight about your audience and will help you to know what actually your audience demands from you so that you can make those content more.
  4. Post regularly or very often so that you audience can engage with it all the time.

Note: At the beginning it is better to post daily so that you can get more insight and also the people who come to your profile could find more content to engage with.

2. Blogging:

If you are someone who is good at writing and like to read and do research then blogging could be one of the best way to earn money online. There are too many bloggers who are making very good money from it by monetizing their content, through ads product review and many more ways. However blogging can take time before you ca start making money.

To start blogging all you need is a niche about your blogs and a platform where you can write your blogs. You can write blogs for free platforms like tumblr, BlogSpot etc. or you create your own website using WordPress (its easy to develop and customize it) but keep in mind it will provide you with limited features.

Once you wrote a few blogs and start getting traffic on your website you can sign up for Google AdSense can start earning or you can put ads by your website or affiliate links and so on and start making money.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money online by helping websites to sell their products. Affiliate marketing program is available on may popular websites like amazon etc. If you have a blog or any social profile with good numbers of followers than you can make good money using affiliate marketing.

To start you need to sign up for the affiliate marketing associate program after which you will be able to create referral link or sales link for any product on the website. You need to share the link on your website or social media, every time someone buy that product using your link you will get a commission on it the more sale the more commission.

4. Content Writing:

This is one of the most demanding online work, as the digital marketing filed is growing so does the need of good content writers. Today more brands and companies are looking for good content writers to create content for them. So if your are some one who is into blogging or know how to write good content this could be a good way to earn online.

You can pick the content according to your niche also. what brands or companies look for in a content writer is their thoughts, experiences, opinion and the detail information about their product. Some organization also want content writer for their blogs or other writing works which could be regularly or occasionally.

A content writer cant make 500 to 5000 or more for their work depending on the content and the brand or organization they are working with.

5. Online Coaching:

Another way to make money online is by providing online tuitions or by selling your courses. In present time a lot of people has started giving online tuition and making good money. There are many website that like teacheron.com, tutor.com where you can signup up as teacher/tutor and get students.

Now for becoming tutor experience and degree is very important as that’s what most people look for in a teacher. If you have an teaching degree that could be a plus point for you so while writing about yourself don’t forget to write all about you degree, experience and previous teaching works.

And online tutor can make 2000 to 10000 per student and how much time they are going to give to each.

Another way is to sell online course you can create your own course on any topic such as Guitar lessons, academic course so on and sell it online though websites like teachable and many more. This wont necessarily requires degree if you are creating a course other than academics what it requires is experience and teaching methods.

You can charge 1000 to 20000 or more per course depending on the subject or topic.

A great example of such a digital mentor is Digital Deepak who teaches Digital Marketing and provide many other online courses. To know more about him and his courses visit digitaldeepak.com

There are many other ways to earn online apart from the above you can also try Freelancing, Selling products online, Start YouTube Channel, Sell Photos, Online Photo and Video Editing, Online Survey, Encoding etc.

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