Amazon now allow parents to control settings remotely from anywhere on their Kids Fire Tablets

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Amazon has improved its parental control dashboard allowing parents to control settings like screen time limits, whitelisted apps, and any web browser.
Previously these settigns could only be changed from the actual kids’ edition Fire tablet only but from now on it can be done by using any smartphone or PC
which a parent have access to.They can also enable or disable the web browser remotely.

Parental control dashboard allows parent to keep an eye on the apps, games, videos and other contents that their children’s are using in their kid’s tablet. It also provides a daily, weekly and monthly reports make it more reliable for the parents to reassure themselves about how their kids are spending their time on
their tablet.

Last year Amazon also announced discussion cards which are meant to help parent to look up a conversation about the topic or content their kids are interested into.


Parental Control Dashboard is available to the person who own a Fire 7 Kids Edition or Fire 8 Kids Edition. Each of them have access to amazon Free Services which allows them to access about 15,000 curated apps, games, videos, and also educational content from PBS, Disney, and Nickelodeon. A one year of Freetime Unlimited services is included with the purchasing of the tablet after that to access services you need to pay $2.99 per month.

This new parental control feature has some very good features and allowing parents to control settings remotely is just awesome. As said by amazon All previous FreeTime settings will be reset, but parents will be able to readjust and manage their parental controls right away”
after switching on the feature.

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