July 3, 2022
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SnapChat has recently annouced two new awesome features today : Group Video Chat and Friends Tagging

To start Group Video chat you need you tap the video icon on the group you want start the call. Everyone in the group will get a notification about the chat, and they will have the option to joining or not. If a person don’t want to join the video chat they can opt for voice only.

Up to 16 people can join a group video call but it increases to 32 with voice only call option.

With new friends tagging now users can also tag their friends on their Stories. To tag a friend, use the customary @,
then type the username of your friend. The user will be notified when they’ve been tagged.

Both of this features will definitely bring Snapchat more close to the users and other social networking apps in the mean time users will get to see some new and cool features in Snapchat.

This new features will be available worldwide within the next few weeks.

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