July 4, 2022
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Google has recently announced that it will update Google Maps soon with multiple new features make it more reliable and turn the app into a one-stop shop for planning a night out. Which will have all the features required and will be a great competitor for other such apps.

According to Google it will be redoing the Explore tab.Currently it shows you a listing of local businesses  and some restaurant ideas based on the time of day. But after the new update you’ll see a list of trending topics related to the area you’re in it will also include top ten list of restaurants.

But what sets Google Map apart from other apps is using data on where you’ve gone in the past, your Google reviews, and all of the other information that Google has about a location, Maps will give you a match percentage. Which is for to a guess as to how likely you are to enjoy a restaurant or other.

Also Google is adding in a new options for group planning. If you and your friends are planning to go somewhere but couldn’t decide which place to go you can put together a short list in Maps. This list is shareable, meaning other group members can see and vote on which place they would most like to visit.

Now these features will definitely raise Google Map above. And if you are already a user of Google Map then this new
update will be something that you will like and also those who uses other app after this feature update it will be a tough competitor for all other such app.


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