May 29, 2023
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Google pay is now available worldwide on web which let users to complete shopping transcation faster on their desktop PC and iOS.

This new Google service enables users to check out on shopping sites and also to send and receive money using their Credit Card or Debit Card or their PayPal account. According to today’s announcement this new service will be available more widely on Online stores that users can visit using¬†their Web browsers e.g Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Once a user got his account set up in their desktop browser, Google Pay will also work on their iPhone’s browser when they logged in.

With this new service, Google pay is expected to attract wider users in the 20 countries that it is presently operating in, and also be able to compete with Apple Pay and other payment services.

As Google Pay its new a lot of merchants doesn’t have this payment service available but google will soon get it done and users will be able to pay using Google Pay to their checkout.

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