Twitter requested all its user’s to change Password after being accidentally exposed

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Twitter has requested all of its users (more than 330 million users) to change their passwords immediately after a bug exposed them in plain text. Mean time twitter is investigating the matter. But Twitter’s investigation showed that there has not been any breach or misuse of the exposed passwords of their users, still the company is recommending all of it’s users that users to change their Twitter passwords for the safety of users.

Twitter’s official support channel posted a tweet stating that users may want to change their passwords as a precautionary measure.

Twitter uses a hashing algorithm called bcrypt as their encryption method to encrypt the letters and numbers in your password with complex and non understandable characters.  Hashing allows users credentials to be used for logging in to Twitter and other services, without revealing the password to the developers or the system admins it also protect users data from other hackers.

While Twitter reported that their hasn’t been any breach and the users accounts and credentials are safe it would be bad for users to change their passwords.

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