Haniyeh Rostamiyan wins world cup medal in women pistol shooting


On Sunday Iran’s Haniyeh Rostamiyan created history by beacoming the first women pistol shooter from her country to win a World Cup medal. Haniyeh Rostamiyan won a bronze medal in 25m women pistol shooting event at International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in Delhi.

After the match Haniyeh Rostamiyan told the reporters: “I have been shooting for about eight years now and this is my first World Cup medal in seniors. I am very happy about that. I missed the quota so it was sad, but maybe next time.”

“We have some problem with ammunition in pistol so we don’t have good training. But with bad training we are doing our best,” she added.

They are low quality, so they don’t have the same speed and malfunction often. In 10m air pistol, it is easier but in 25m sport pistol it is difficult if the bullet is slow she further added.

“Our air weapon shooters don’t have problems, but it is difficult for the 50m and 25m shooters. We can’t import ammunitions in Iran because of USA’s sanctions, so we have to either rely on the Iran-made bullets or from the countries which don’t have US sanctions.”

“We don’t train with bullets most of the times. But we are doing our best despite of the bad training,” Haniyeh added.

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