Archer Deepika Kumari Wins Bronze in World Cup Finals

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India’s Deepika Kumari showed a great game and effort against Lisa Unruh and won the bronze medal in the Archery World Cup Finals on Sunday, 30 September.

Both the players were tied at 5-5 at the end of five sets, which necessitated a shoot-off. Kumari and Unruh both shot 9 but Kumari won bronze because her arrow was closer to the centre.

Kumari, a veteran in the World Cup Finals with four silver medals, came out on top in the shoot-off.

“This was for the first time I shot at a big competition like this without a coach. But I’m very happy. The stronger the competition, the better we get.”

Shoot-off was tense and Kumari said she “started panicking” but motivated herself with no coach to look up to.After the thrilling win, Kumari said: “Most of the times, I end up losing a shoot-off so I started panicking. I told myself, ‘I will accept whatever be the result. I will just give my best shot. I’m satisfied with the arrow.”

“Before the Asian Games, I had dengue fever and then I lost my strength. I could not even draw my bow. After the Asian Games, I took a break of 15 days before coming to Berlin,” Kumari, who returned empty-handed from the Indonesia Asian Games, added. “I’m happy for the bronze. I wish I could convert this silver/bronze medals into a gold sometime.”

Now the de-recognised Archery Association of India had failed to hire a coach for the season-ending meet. Recurve coach Dharmendra Tiwari is indisposed, while Jiwanjyot Singh has resigned over the Dronacharya Award snub.

Earlier, the third-seeded Kumari defeated eighth seed Lei Chien-Ying of Chinese Taipei 6-4 to start her campaign on a positive note, only to lose to home favourite Yasemin Anagoz in the semifinal.

For the first time, the winners of each stage received automatic spots and were joined by at least three qualifiers on points per division, plus a representative of the host nation.

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