July 3, 2022
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WhatsApp is about to limit message forwarding to only five times, the company started this to cut down the spread of misinformation. According to Reuters, the five time forwarding limit is being implemented across the world starting today.

Now, WhatsApp recently limited messages to being forwarded 20 times in July, with the five time forwarding limit being tested out in India. Before that, you could forward a message to up to 256 people. WhatsApp began labeling forwarded messages around that time, too. The initial limits were prompted by a series of mob attacks and killings in India, set off by the spread of false information about child kidnappings.

While the smaller forwarding limit could help curb the spread of bad information, it won’t necessarily be as limiting as it sounds. Messages can still be forwarded to groups, with each group including up to 256 people. That means a forwarded message could be put in front of nearly 1,300 people, despite the five time limit.

Now this is a great move from the company to fight against the fake news and rumors previously the company limited file forwarding to 5 users and message to 20 users and now it has cut down it to 5 users. Now the users who like to send message to many people at once will face a bit problem now.

WhatsApp hasn’t disclose any data on whether it had seen a substantial decline in the spread of false information by reducing the limit to five.

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