May 29, 2023
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According to the latest report from Truecaller (a caller ID service) Spam calls has grew by 300 percent worldwide this year.The United States has fell from the 2nd most spammed country to the 8th in one year, according to Truecaller reports.

Truecaller users received approx 17 calls per month which is less than from 21 that was in 2017. These calls are said to be about insurance or debt collection, according to the report.

While there is no reason that was given for the drop, authorities have increasingly tried to crack down on illegal callers. The Federal Trade Commission has introduced several lawsuits, while the Federal Communications Commission has considered various regulations to deal with the issue. In one of the case FCC charged an egregious robocaller with an $82 million fine.

Truecaller said that in total its users received about 17.7 billion spam calls in between January and October. The report counted those calls as spam if it was flagged by algorithms or manually by users.

Now as the Truecaller does not count data outside of its customer base, its results and rankings is not considered to be most accurate. An another report from a robocall blocking service called YouMail reported 28.5 billion spam calls occurring in the US within the first eight months of this year, which is far greater than the Truecaller’s numbers.

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