July 3, 2022
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Google has recently updated its AI powered camera. And Now Google’s AI-powered camera tool can recognize over a billion items. The company wrote in a new blog post.

The updated has arrived after a year since its launch Google Lens optical character recognition engine has been trained on reading more product labels. By recognizing text, Google Lens can now put names to the faces of more goods. It has also been fed more data from photos taken by smartphones, so Google says the feature is overall more reliable than before.

The 1 billion items comes from products available through Google Shopping, so it doesn’t include the items that are quite old or is not available on google shop. But it covers a huge range of things that could be very helpful for someone who’s simply just looking up an item they’re curious about.

Beyond shopping items, Google Lens can now also recognize people, Wi-Fi network names, and geometric shapes, in addition to the a numbers of categories it could already analyze. Now this is much needed update and Google has done a lot of changes which is still yet to know.

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