June 5, 2023
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Snapchat keep making its augmented reality Lenses more better over the time, and today, the company launched a new lens that will respond to a user’s voice. Some lenses will ask users to say words like, “hi,” “love,” or “wow,” which will cause the lenses to animate. So far, I only have one of these lenses available, and mine tells me to say “okay.” When I do, a little cat paw pops up making the okay symbol.

It seems to work fine this Lens offers an interesting interaction idea, even though it’s slightly difficult to use. Most lenses on Snapchat require users to make a specific face or tap the screen to animate the Lenses.

Now i don’t understand the use for a voice activated Lens. As no one like to shout while taking Selfies or a picture but for someone who doesn’t mind it is definitely something to try. I also like the feature and tried out a few time and i must say that they are quite responsive for now all i could say that its good but i don’t want to talk about it enough as i haven’t try it to the most myself.

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