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Today Twitter announced an upcoming addition to its mobile notifications feature. Which will soon offer users a personalized news updates which will be based on their interests.

Currently Twitter only offers news notifications to only those who want to be kept up to date on what is happening around the world. But now the Twitter is changing it as personalized updates. Which will offer a better option for all the users who choose to get updates from Twitter.

These notifications will be send on the basis of what kind of accounts z user follows and things they like to tweet about. Tapping on the notifications will take you directly to a page with related tweets and video on the topic, same as if you found the story on your Explore tab.

Similarly users will also see curated events on the top of your timeline. The Happening Now panels is already being used for live sports, but now Twitter is expanding that to include the personalized news which users will be notified about. Also at the top of the timeline users will see news that are relevant to them along with the Tweets and videos.

Currently the biggest problem of the Twitter timeline is the inability to sort tweets into different categories. If a user follow certain accounts for news and some for gossip and also few other accounts on different topics then it all gets puzzled together. But if the new Explore tab is actually good then it will surely be more relevant for many users.

Personalized news notifications will be available within a few weeks but the new Explore tab and Happening Now tweets will be available from the coming months.

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