Google Photos has a limit of 10,000 photos in its Live Albums feature

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Google Photos’ Live Albums feature has a limit of 10,000 photos, users discovered on Google forums, as spotted by Android Police.

Google Live Albums was introduced earlier this month as a way for users to automatically add photos of a chosen pet or person to a custom album. This lets you have one album to gaze upon your cute dog or partner without needing to scroll through endless other miscellaneous photos.

If you hold on to the same photos for years and accumulate them, the 10,000-photo limit doesn’t seem so far away. Within a year of owning my new phone, I already have 3,000 photos saved.

Once you hit 10,000 photos, you’ll see a Live album paused warning, indicating you can’t add any more photos. That means that all of the additional photos you take of your loved ones won’t get added to the album, and you’ll be stuck viewing them the old-fashioned way: through All Photos. If your album gets filled with outtakes and dimly lit photos, Google isn’t smart enough to clean up the extras for you, so you’ll have to manually delete those yourself.

Google actually has a page in its Help Center now that addresses the issue. It notes that you can save 10,000 photos or videos, for a total of 20,000 items. Apparently it’s a step up from before, when the photo limit was a mere 2,000.

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