Apple to make it easier for developers to port iOS apps to Mac OS

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At WWDC 2018 Apple announced that it will soon bring UIKit support to the Mac, making it more easier to port iOS apps to a desktop environment.

Now we heard this news last years when a Bloomberg report detailed something called Project Marzipan.

As said that software developers will be able to design a single application that will works with a touchscreen or mouse and track pad depending on whether it is running on the iPhone or iPad operating system or any Mac hardware. But it will take some more time to be available all over in a full functional mode.

UIKit is a interface framework for iOS apps while Mac apps have traditionally used the aging AppKit.
By introducing the UIKit support to the Mac and it’s keyboard+mouse interface it makes it very much easier to port apps from one device to the other.

But apple is not planning to combine iOS and MacOS anytime soon. Apple has previously said that that there are no plans to combine these two operating systems, which they also stated during this year’s keynote also.

But its more likely that future apps will be available on both the platforms.For now users need to wait until Apple is testing The UIKit. But we hope that they will make it available later this year.

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