Raspberry Pi opens its first retail store in UK

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Raspberry Pi the company that makes miniature computers has recently opened its first retail store today in Cambridge, UK, accroding to the reports of VentureBeat.

Previously, if you wanted to buy a Raspberry Pi, you need to buy it online through Amazon or any authorized Pi re-seller but not the things have changed as it has open it own dedicated store.

Now, the store is not just a shop full of Raspberry Pis in boxes there are computers set up so customers can demo things themselves.

The whole retail store feels like the company is looking to reach out to new audience, one that might stumble across the store in a mall and stick their heads in to see what the fuss is about and actually get a hands-on opportunity to see the potential of the platform. It’s the kind of mainstream audience that the company could expand to, instead of only relying on the traditional enthusiast customer that already has a pile of Pis on their desk.

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