Tesla has sued his former employees for stealing autopilot codes and data


Tesla has recently filed two separate lawsuits against some of its former employees, for allegedly stealing autopilot codes and propriety information from the company, according to the reports of Reuters.

According to the first case, a former Tesla engineer is accused of copying the source code for its self-driving technology before joining a Chinese self-driving car startup this January.

While the second case is against four of Tesla’s former employees and self-driving car startup Zoox, which its lawyers filed on Wednesday, 20 March. Tesla has alleged that the employees stole propriety information and trade secrets for developing warehousing, logistics and inventory control operations, the Reuters report suggested.

According to the report, the engineer, named Guangzhi Cao copied more than 30,000 files related to Tesla’s autopilot source code and joined China’s Xiaopeng Motors Technology Company Ltd in January.

Xiaopeng, the Chinese auto maker said in a statement that it was not aware of Cao’s alleged misconduct and an internal investigation has been launched on the same. It also said that the company fully respects any company’s intellectual rights and confidential information.

Xiaopeng said: Cao has been working as the ‘Head of Perception’ at Xiaopeng motors. The lawsuit says that Xiaopeng motors has five former Tesla employees working for it.

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