June 21, 2024
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The British government is now accepting Apple and Google Pay for some services (via iTVand Apple Insider). Citizens can use their phones to pay for four services at present, with more to receive the capability later this year.

The effort is part of a trial service from the ministry. UK citizens can use their phone’s payment systems to pay for fees with a fingerprint or via facial recognition related to the Global Entry Service (for expedited entry to the US), the Registered Traveller Service (for frequent travelers to the UK from non-EU countries), the Electronic Visa Waiver Service (for travelers from four Middle Eastern countries visiting the UK), and basic online disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks (fees for people attempting to work in certain job types).

Oliver Dowden, the UK Minister for Implementation, says that they’re “focused on making access to government services as easy as possible,” and that mobile transactions will be more secure. The ministry says that it plans to “roll mobile payments across further central government services, and later this year make it available for local government, police and NHS organisations.”

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