June 20, 2024
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After the report that how the data of up to 50 Million Facebook users has been misused authorities of UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are demanding for a search warrant to examine the internal server data reports  of Cambridge Analytica.

While Facebook has already sent members of a digital forensic firm to perform its own independent audit of Cambridge Analytica  but they need to stop as the UK authorities told them to wait until they obtained a warrant from ICO.

The London based Analytics company was first hire by President Donald Trump campaign to inform Facebook Ad Targeting. The company is now accused for unethically using Facebook data to influence the 2016 US presidential Election.

The reports are based on  former employee account of Cambridge Analytica Christopher Wylie. Wylie claims that company and its behavior research affiliate Strategic Communication Laboratories have direct links to Russia which have used Facebook data to influence 2016 US President Election.


Cambridge Analytica has denied all accusation and said that it will co-operate and support the whole investigation.


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