June 20, 2024
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Uber has been recently given approval by Pennsylvania officials to restart its self driving car tests on public roads. The test was shut down last March when a self driving Uber vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. 

But now Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation has approved Uber’s request to start testing autonomously in Pittsburgh, where its Advanced Technologies Group is headquartered, according to The Information.

An Uber spokesperson confirmed that PennDOT granted the approval, but cautioned that the company has yet to restart its testing. “We received our letter of authorization, yes but we haven’t put cars back on the road yet,” she said.

Now in July, Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation issued a guidance for safety regarding automated vehicles. The voluntary guidance directs self-driving companies to submit a notice of testing. The state will collect data on a semiannual basis, including the approximate miles traveled by a company’s automated vehicles in the state. 

Uber said it now has real time third party monitoring of backup safety drivers and it sets limits on the amount of time drivers can work per day and also it has improved training.

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