March 1, 2024
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Twitter has recently announced that it is adding a new feature which will allow people to hide replies giving them more control over the conversations. The company has been testing the feature in Canada and is now rolling it out in the US and Japan as well.

Now, the person who tweeted the original comment gets to decide which replies stay and which are hidden from other users. Clicking on the right hand menu of a tweet brings up the set of normal options e.g hide, mute, follow with Hide reply now added to the list.

Once selected, the reply will be hidden from other users, though they can still see it by clicking on an icon that brings up all the hidden tweets, so long as they’re brave enough to wade through.

Twitter first announced the feature in February and started testing it in early July. But in a blog post today the company wrote: “We saw that people were more likely to reconsider their interactions when their tweet was hidden.”

Even though people can theoretically see hidden replies, it allows them to tailor online debates, hiding opposing viewpoints or corrections to misinformation.

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