May 25, 2024
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Twitter now allows users let you use two-factor authentication (2FA) without taking their phone number. It enable users to use authentication apps or security keys.

Authentication apps are more secure, and now you can use them without providing more personal details to Twitter than you need to.

However, while Twitter supports these as a 2FA method but it don’t let its users rely on them entirely.

While responding to a user complaint, one Twitter engineer noted that security keys currently aren’t supported outside of Twitter on the web, so it still asks users to have another 2FA method enabled as a backup.

So if you have provided your phone number to Twitter and want to delete it, you can go into settings in the app or on Twitter’s website, and then click into the Account menu. Then tap your phone number, and then select the delete option to remove your phone number.

But if you are currently using SMS as a 2FA method then you’ll be warned that deleting it will turn it off, so be sure to set up an alternative 2FA method such as an authentication app to use in its place before deleting your number.

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