May 21, 2024
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Twitter has announced today that it is introducing a new feature to its Periscope live streaming app now users can invite guests onto a live recording. The new feature has been introduced to allow streamers bring in audience members, while the Periscope app will then broadcast audio from that person to everyone else in the stream.

According to the Twitter you will be able to include up to three guests in addition to the host on a live stream. If any one guest leave new ones can then be added.

This new move by Twitter is to reorient its live-streaming suite into something that might attract more of the podcast crowd, as well as Twitch and YouTube streamers that thrive on live content.

Now Twitter with this feature is trying to make its way into the podcast and interview show market for a while now, having added audio only broadcasts to Periscope back in September 2018. It’s not a given that adding guest invitations to the app will suddenly result in an influx of more engaging live streams that more directly involve guests.

Now how this new feature will do can’t be said at the moment but it is definitely a great features that has been introduce the feature has now started rolling out and will be soon available all over.

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