March 1, 2024
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The elections are going on in West Bengal, and as we all know, Bengal polls are always preceded by huge gatherings with colorful and noisy campaigns, it is becoming very difficult to maintain Covid-19 protocols. Election campaigns are the mother of all congregation, where a huge part of the crowd gathers to listen to promises made from a podium. There is a saying about elections, the bigger the crowd, the greater the success. So, perhaps by looking current scenario, it can be assumed that new covid cases will be at their peak in may-June.
let’s look a little back, on February 26 2021 the new covid cases in Bengal were 3,343, and now on April 3, the active cases jumped to 8,844 with the increment of 1,152 cases over April 2.
now we can look into the hospital occupancy rate, on February 26 the hospital occupancy of new covid cases is 3.3%, and now on it’s 12.7%.
Keeping all the things in mind, we can always say that the ongoing elections in Bengal are one of the biggest reasons for the rise of covid-19.

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