July 5, 2022
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Today Sony announced a custom edition of PlayStation 4 this features a bright red exterior along with the logo of everyone’s favorite web slinger.

Lacking any hardware upgrades, it’s strictly a visual improvement. That means interested parties will have to weigh the appeal of a visually interesting console against the several hundred dollars you plopped down on your previous one just months or a couple years prior. For those that don’t own a PlayStation 4 or those interested in upgrading to a PlayStation Pro this is the console you want.

For those who are still using PlayStation 4, the upgrade isn’t a bad idea. Anyone with a 4k TV capable of HDR will benefit significantly from the enriched visuals on just about anything you play. Saying the graphics are better on the PlayStation Pro might be underselling it. You can read our full review here.

If you’re stuck with a 1080p set, or you’re a gamer that has to dust off the controllers before using the system, it’s probably worth trying on to what you have.

Now for me this is a great option to upgrade my existing play station. Also if you do decide to fork over the $399 for a new bundle, you’ll get a physical copy of Spider-Man, coming September 7, and a few DLC vouchers.

You can pre order the limited edition Amazing Red PlayStation Pro now at the PlayStation website.


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