February 26, 2024
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Snapchat first introduced lenses that could turn users into dogs. And now, the company is going full circle, and adding lenses specifically for dogs.

The new lenses are specifically created for dogs which has now available on Snapchat, now people can take photos or videos of their pet and turn their faces into something goofy. Although the additional lenses for dogs are adorable, it’s not Snapchat’s first foray into the pet market. The company first launched special lenses for cats last month.

There are currently only a handful of filters available for pooches, which can be seen in the promotional video above. More lenses are currently in development, meaning there will be new ways to annoy your pet for social clout in the near future.

The new dog specific lenses are now available on Snapchat so if you haven tried it out go ahead.

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