March 1, 2024
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The Accidental Prime minister producer Sunil Bohra has recently bought the rights of the Ushinor Majumdar’s novel, God Of Sin: The Cult, Clout And Downfall Of Asaram Bapu and will soon make a film on it.

The film will show the journey of Asaram Bapu from a so-called godman to his conviction in 2018. Asaram Bapu was convicted of rape in 2018 and is currently serving a life sentence.

In a statement Sunil Bohra said: “After reading the book, I was touched by the story of the lawyer PC Solanki, who fought the case for the victims against Asaram Bapu for free. The two lady police officers one from Jodhpur and the other from Surat are inspiring too. I believe that they are the real heroes who fought for justice. We will focus on these people. I bought the rights of the book last month.

I have started meeting writers and shall lock the team soon. I want the movie to reach out to global audiences too. The cast will be decided once the script is ready,” he added.

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