July 15, 2024
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As BJP claims its victory in the Lok Sabha elections, party president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed party workers at the headquarters.

The people’s mandate in 2019 has been for a New India said Modi, thanking the citizens of the country for their vote.

He said: “If someone has won, it’s Hindustan that has won, it’s democracy that has won, it’s public that has won, & therefore, all BJP & NDA people with humility dedicate this victory to public. I congratulate all the winners, no matter from which party or which region they contested.”

Terming the results the biggest event in history of democracy, he said that the world would recognise it as so.

He further said: “The party would serve the country with humility, ideals and values. We were not disappointed when we won only 2 seats we will not leave our humility, ideals and values when we have come back to power.”

He further said that this time around, no political party could wear the garb of secularism to mislead the people.

“Between 2014 and 2019, the torchbearers of secularism stopped speaking. This time in the elections too, no party could wear the garb of secularism to mislead the people.”

Thanking the party workers for their support, Shah said it was reflection of their hard work and dedication.

“I can say with confidence that in many constituencies across the country, the public has given us more than 50% votes.”

Also slamming the united opposition, in particular Chandrababu Naidu, Shah further said: “Some people made trips across the country to make an alliance, despite exit polls predicting a BJP victory. If only Chandrababu Naidu had put in as much effort in getting votes, he would have made an impact in his state.”

While PM Modi has won for the second time in Varanasi, party chief Amit Shah’s entry in the Lok Sabha too appears likely, with him leading by over 5 lakh votes in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar constituency.

The party top brass had reportedly informed its workers earlier in the day to reach headquarters by 24 May to celebrate its victory.

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