Playboy Deletes its Facebook Account joins #deletefacebook group

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After Space X and Tesla now Playboy has also delete his Facebook page. On Tuesday Playboy issued a press release to announce its withdrawal from Facebook. According to the reports Playboy has more than 25 million followers over Facebook. Playboy is the latest company to join the #DeleteFacebook group after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Earlier this weekend Elon Musk has also removed Facebook pages of Spacex and Tesla after being challenged to do so.

While Playboy certainly doesn’t hold the immense cultural influence as it use to have the company still have a huge number of followers on Facebook  as said there were more than 25 million followers who used to engage with it on Facebook.

While Playboy, SpaceX, and Telsa have deleted their Facebook accounts they all are still active on Instagram which is owned by Facebook.

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