July 4, 2022
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Netflix has recently confirmed to CNET that it is testing new pricing plans for it’s customers in Europe, including an Ultra tier that includes 4K and HDR formats for its video streams.

The new prices for the Ultra plan varies among users in the test from €16.99 ($19.77) to €19.99 ($23.26) per month. The trial also saw some folks on the €13.99 Premium tier restricted to streaming on a maximum of two devices simultaneously.

This new move could likely be a sign of the company growing more confident in its rise in the streaming video services. In April, it was valued at a whopping $170 billion by investors betting on Netflix’s potential for international growth at the time, it counted some 125 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix began producing content five years ago and it scored 72 awards and 432 nominations for its own television shows and movies, including Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes and others. Also it is spending about $8 billion on new productions this year.

This new pricing could be justified by premium exclusive content, and not just high resolution video streams. But with a high price, there are other options available such as Amazon, Hulu, and Apple with much less price. Potentially offering new movies and shows from major distributors through their services earlier than Netflix can.

Now this new price will effect a lot more users as there are many other video streaming services that are available instead of Netflix. The new pricing plans is now under trial and will soon be rolling out. There is no confirmation when the new plans will roll so until the time we need to wait.


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