May 25, 2024
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Starting from 16 December, bank users will be able to use NEFT money transfer at anytime of the day or night as the service will be available 24×7 in India says RBI.

The announcement was made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 6 December through this¬†notification, and informed that all the banks in the country need to ensure availability of all necessary infrastructural requirements at their end for providing seamless NEFT 24×7 facility to their customers.

The first set of transactions will be processed starting from 00:30 hours on 16 December (night of 15 December). This system will be available on all days of the year, including holidays.

The traditional online banking via NEFT has relied on manual interference, checking funds and confirming the details via phone, fax or email.

But the latest change in online banking process will be deployed with the use of Straight Through Processing (STP) mode by the banks. According to the information available, STP ensures the entire payment process, from initiation to settlement, to be free of human intervention.

According to banking experts, will reduce the number of transaction errors, allowing the banking staff to focus on core services, and offering them to customers effectively.

The RBI notification also requires the banks to do the following with its upcoming service:

  1. Member banks will ensure the sending of a positive confirmation message (N10) for all NEFT credits.
  2. All provisions of NEFT procedural guidelines will be applicable for NEFT 24×7 transactions as well.
  3. Member banks are expected to keep adequate liquidity in their current account with Reserve Bank of India at all times to facilitate the successful posting of NEFT batch settlements.
  4. Banks may disseminate information on the extended timings for NEFT to all their customers.

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