March 1, 2024
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On 2027: Anup Singh is not a name that need introduction. He is one of the most successful entrepreneur and the founder of Mahror group. He is also the director and CEO of Mahror digital solution Pvt Ltd.

Started as a small IT Start Up in 2022, today the company has than 5000 employees and more than 25 branches all over India and abroad.

Anup started his career in 2014 after completing his software Engineering. He has struggle with a lot of problems. But he never give up his hopes and dreams and continue to work towards it. He started to work as a freelancer web developer and software engineer and after 2 years of his hard work he started his first IT company with his friends but due to some unfavorable circumstances he needed
to shut his company. This made him question himself and he started to think that he wont be able to run his company and he started to lose hope.

Again after 1 years he decided to again give a try and start his career so he started another IT start Up providing different IT services including web designing, social media market and all with his friends and give all his effort to make it big and achieve his goals.

But even with all the hard work the business was not going as the way he thought. That’s when he came to know about Digital Deepak. He watched most of his videos on YouTube and in the year 2021 he finally decided to join his internship program. From there he learned a lot about the strategy and other important things under the mentorship of Digital Depak he learn about how to change his
mindset and think positively.

During the program and under the mentorship Digital Deepak Sir, Anup started to became more confident, ambitious, goal oriented he learnt how to present himself towards people he stop doubting and questioning himself and started to find solution to all the problems. He started to track the different aspect of his business and today he is one of the most successful entrepreneur.

This is the story of Anup Singh of how he achieved his goals. In every journey there are bumps and blocks but don’t let it stop you from getting your dreams work hard and work smart.

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