May 25, 2024
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Microsoft is reportedly planning to improve Bluetooth and audio in Windows 10 with a new update later this year. The OS will finally get support for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) over Bluetooth, which will give Windows users even more choice for Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

Windows has long only supported SBC and AptX over Bluetooth, but AAC support also unlocks the potential for better audio quality for Apple’s range of headphones and through iTunes or Apple Music on Windows.

Microsoft is also improving how you select Bluetooth inputs in Windows 10, so there aren’t multiple devices anymore. Windows has for years exposed multiple Bluetooth profiles for headphones and speakers, which confuses some apps into thinking there are multiple devices. Windows will soon only use a single audio endpoint to automatically switch to the correct Bluetooth profile depending on whether you’re listening to music or taking calls.

Windows Insiders can test it right here.

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