June 20, 2024
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Microsoft has launched the beta version of its new Clarity analytics tool today. The tool will help the webmasters understand how visitors interact with their sites.

Clarity lets you run A/B tests, and play back visualizations of users experiences and behavior patterns on your site. The tool should not only help you understand what your visitors see, but also debug errors and spot usability issues.

According to the company reviewing Clarity sessions helped it discover that some folks who were having trouble with Bing were in fact using browsers infected with malware.

Clarity is still under the works, so it could get some more features before it gets launched. Now the team plans to use AI to help discover notable user sessions that show abnormal click behavior and JavaScript errors, and also offer up heatmaps to show you how users click and scroll around on your pages.

Microsoft says the tool will work with any HTML webpage using the most common two- and three-letter top-level domains; support for other TLDs is on the way.

Now if you are interested you can sign up to try the beta by joining the waitlist with a Microsoft account.

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