June 20, 2024
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Logitech is a well known brand that has been making Speakers and gaming accessories for a long time.
Keeping the preferences and demands of gamers in mind Logitech has recently launched G560 speakers specially design for gamers.

Logitech G560 will retail for $199 and will be launched in April 2018. The speakers comes with RGB lights and in 2:1 System i.ea pair of stereo speaker and one woofer the speaker supports USB, 3.5mm and Bluetooth sources that switch automatically.

These speakers are to be used as near-field speakers and has a very good and solid bass extension.Logitech G560 speakers comes with four different lighting zones two in front and two behind the speakers which can be synced up with games or match content on your screen.

LED lighting behind the screen will help to improve apparent contrast and increase immersion.
Also certain games will be able to use the speakers lights to provide extra information like lighting up red and blue when cops are nearby or an alert  these can also just use as them a visualizer for your music.

Apart from the speakers Logitech also has announced Logitech G513 mechanical keyboard which will be launched in April with the speaker and will retail for $150. The keyboard comes with a sleek metal build and memory foam wrist rest and also has RGB lighting and support USB.

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