May 21, 2024
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US President Joe Biden pledges to cut down US greenhouse gas emissions to 50 percent by 2030. The country’s new goal is to reduce planet-heating gases by 50 to 52 percent of what the US emitted in 2005.

Biden made the announcement official as he convenes a virtual Earth Day summit for 40 world leaders Thursday morning, through Friday. The urgency for the US to gut its climate pollution has only grown since the Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015. 

The US has a huge role to play as the second biggest greenhouse gas polluter after China. But it abdicated leadership on the climate front under former President Donald Trump, who briefly pulled the US out of the Paris accord and drastically rolled back environmental regulations in the US.

Biden will hold his own virtual summit on climate today (Earth Day) and tomorrow aimed at encouraging other countries to ratchet up their goals. All countries are expected to update their individual commitments to combating climate change ahead of a United Nations climate conference scheduled to take place in November.

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