June 20, 2024
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Jagmeet singh has recently celebrated his win in the federal byelection in Burnaby South.

“We danced the night away,” Singh said Tuesday morning in an interview as his party breathed a collective sigh of relief following a win in the federal riding of Burnaby South.

This win finally gives him a seat in the House of Commons something he hasn’t been able to access since taking over the reins of the NDP from Tom Mulcair in October 2017.

Singh is calling on his party to make the most of the months leading up to the October election.

“I want us to focus in on the next eight months and what we can do to make people’s lives better,” Singh said.

“It allows me to ramp up the pressure on Mr. Trudeau, on the Liberal government and allows me to really put into focus the question ‘Is this Liberal government more interested in helping their well-connected, powerful friends like SNC-Lavalin”‘

Singh said it was not a surprise that Outremont was going to be a challenging fight, but he refuted the idea the orange wave has crested.

“The base that we built in Quebec is alive and well,” he said, adding he’s planning a visit to the province next week. “We’ve got lots of great support to build on, we’ve got great MPs that are there.”

The United Steelworkers said in a statement that Singh’s win in Burnaby South is a sign of momentum for the party looking to turn around its political prospects before the election.

“The NDP leader has earned his seat in the House of Commons, and Canadians are eager to have him there,” said national director Ken Neumann.

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