May 21, 2024
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Apple has unveiled the new iOS 13 at the WWDC 2019 keynote on Monday, the iOS 13 brings the dark mode to iPhones but the latest software for the iPhone will not be coming to iPhone 5S, SE and iPhone 6 this year.

In this year’s keynote the company heavily focused on showing how privacy-conscious it is, and how none of the data is read or shared with any other company.

Now, Apple feels that privacy is its biggest strength and also reason for high-priced products selling across the globe.

The company mentioned that app sizes on iOS 13 will be 50 percent smaller and even the updates for the app will be at least 60 percent smaller than what you’re getting with iOS 12 right now.

The dark mode trickled down to Camera, Photos, Messages, Apple Music and even Maps and all of this will be available to beta testers on iOS 13 from 3 June itself.

The ability to use external card and pen drives is also coming to iPhone this year, and it’s just crazy that Apple has taken this long to support a basic feature like this. For video editing, iOS 13 and its camera app will allow you to rotate videos and make whole lot of adjustments to the content from the phone itself.

Also you have the simple Sign in with Apple feature, taking forward Apple’s claim to be championing privacy. This option allows to you login to different apps without revealing your email ID, in fact, Apple is using its encryption prowess to tokenise the ID, every time you login from it.

Siri is also benefiting from upgrades made to iOS 13. Apple claims to have deployed neural text-to-speech technology which seems to have improved the speech quality of the voice assistant, feeling less mechanical than before.

It can also read you incoming messages from AirPods, as soon as they arrive, granted you get them on the iMessage.

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