April 19, 2024
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Instagram is reportedly planning to add a new feature that will allow users to publish a post to multiple accounts at the one time, a company spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch. The feature will become available to all iOS users, but there’s no word on if or when it will come to Android.

When the option to self-regram becomes available for you, it will appear when you are about to share a new post. Under the options to tag people and mark your location should be Post to Other Accounts, which will let you toggle on where else you’d like to publish the post.

Now this could be a good for a lot of people who run multiple business accounts or doing partnerships or takeovers with other accounts, or run several photography hubs. It’s also popular to have more than one personal account, so this could be helpful outside the business groups.

Instagram is also testing an Android shortcut for importing photos from Google Photos. You have been able to share to feed from Google photos on Android before, according to the reports of TechCrunch, but the ability to do so was hidden behind a couple of different steps so we’re up-leveling that ability to make it easier.

Now Instagram haven’t given a time about when the iOS self-regram feature rollout will be completed, but some users should see it as an option now.

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