May 25, 2024
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Shellios, a new Delhi-based startup, has designed a unique helmet with smart capabilities and managed to fit an air purifier on top of it to help bikers breath fresh air even while smoke surrounds them. The product will be available in the market by mid-November, as confirmed by the company’s CEO to us at the sidelines of the India Mobile Congress.

It’s interesting to see the ideas springing out of local companies with a simple idea but managing to execute it as well. The company is likely to price it around Rs 2,500. For its set of features, there’s very little to argue on the value factor.

The helmet designed by the company sports the purifier at the back of the helmet, and picks up all the smoke coming from outside. The purifier then cleans up the polluted smoke to let the biker breath fresh air. The cleaning unit works with the help of a battery-operated module, carrying a 2600mAh unit that can be charged via microUSB port on the helmet.

Now the  helmet will be sold by traditional brands, who can rely on this technology to appeal to the two-wheeler consumer segment. In addition to that, the helmet also has a slew of smart features via Bluetooth that gets paired with a mobile app. With this, the rider will be able to keep a track of how dirty the helmet has become and would he require to get it cleaned. The panels are easily removable for washing.

The company also claims that the helmet follows all the standards set by the government. It is light-weight at around 1.6 Kg and can be worn comfortably.



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