July 15, 2024
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Google has recently acquired US-based fitness tracker and smartwatch company Fitbit for $2.1 billion dollars.

Google’s Senior Vice President of Devices & Services Rich Osterloh said in a blog post that this purchase is an opportunity for Google to invest more in its WearOS and also bring more Google-made fitness trackers and smartwatches to the market.

Google also says that like its other products it will be transparent about the data it collects and why it does so. The company also says that Fitbit data will not be used for targeting ads.

Fitbit is a pioneer in fitness trackers and its expertise will lend a lot to Google to further develop WearOS, which is currently struggling with sales of smartwatches.

Also, Fitbit has a large bank for fitness data it has collected from its existing pool of users which helps it further develop its services and products.

However, Google is giving Fitbit users the option to review, remove or delete their data in keeping with its updated privacy policies.

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