May 21, 2024
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A group of Google contractors in Pittsburgh is moving to unionize, according to a statement released on August 29th.

The employees are looking to unionize with United Steelworkers, an organization that represents about 850,000 workers. The Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals, a project from the union, has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a vote on the effort.

Google relies on a massive group of contractors, temporary employees, and vendors, which are believed to outnumber full-time employees at the company. But those workers haven’t always received the same benefits as full-time employees according to the reports.

The Pittsburgh workers would not be the first contract workers to unionize — others, including Silicon Valley security guards, have secured contracts in the past — but organization from tech contractors is rarer in the industry, and, if successful, it could lead to other efforts.

In the statement released yesterday, the union said the 90 employees work side-by-side with those of the giant corporation for far less compensation and few, if any, of the perks.

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