April 15, 2024
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Google has recently updated Chrome for Windows this week to support the native notification center inside Windows 10. Google has been testing the new support for months, and it means Chrome notifications will now go directly to the Windows 10 Action Center by default. Google is currently rolling this out to around 50 percent of Chrome users, and it will be the default for the majority of users in the coming days.

Chrome’s notifications will now adhere to Windows 10’s Focus Assist feature which is designed to mute notifications when you’re running a game or in a do-not-disturb mode. While it’s taken a while to get native Windows 10 notification support for Chrome, Windows users will now need to wait on Google to support Microsoft’s latest Timeline feature. If you don’t see the new notification support in Chrome just yet, you can always manually enable it in chrome by turning “native notifications” to the enabled state.

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