February 26, 2024
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Google Assistant is adding a new auto punctuation feature to its assistant that means soon users will be able send a text buy just dictating the messages to the Assistant app on Android or iOS. Assistant will also be able to pick up pauses and voice inflections to insert those things automatically.

For for iOS users they have to use the Assistant app to do this. Which sound a bit awkward than just bringing up Assistant by holding down the home icon on Android.

Now there is a case to be made for just abandoning punctuation altogether depending on who you’re talking to. It will be very interesting to see how good Assistant will be able to handle this stuff itself, though.

Voice dictation software from many other companies can optionally attempt auto punctuation, but results are not so good to say, so to see Google in this will be very nice to see.

Now Google hasn’t announce when the feature will start rolling out but one thing is for sure that many of us are quite eager to see what it can do.

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