October 1, 2022
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It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is getting a big update on it’s S Pen which is Bluetooth.

According to a filing with the FCC suggests the Note 9’s S-Pen will connect to the phone via Bluetooth LE. Previous devices used inductive styluses which did not require any internal battery, basically using a form of wireless power. But now considering the S Pen worked even when hovering above the screen, why would it need Bluetooth?

There are a few possible reasons, but it feels like that now the S Pen will become more than just a stylus with the Note 9. Bluetooth will allow the pen to work at a distance, which enables you to do things like control music, start and stop timers and other things.

The S Pen could will essentially become an all in one remote, and though it will require some sort of a battery, it will not be an issue with the pen spending most of its life inside your phone.

Other than some stylus-specific spec bumps, the S-Pen has remained relatively unchanged since the original Galaxy Note. It’s always been a thin, pressure-sensitive stylus with a single button on it. Considering Note devices are some of very few phones – let alone popular ones – with a stylus, it’s about time Samsung gave the S-Pen some new chops to show it’s hear to stay.

There is not much information about what will be more in the upcoming Note 9 but we will provide all the information once the phone will be officially release.

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