June 5, 2023
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Flickr the online photo sharing site was all set to start deleting members photos from Tuesday, but it later announced that the deadline has been extended to March 12.

Flickr introduced a new pricing plan last year according to which users would have to pay $50 for a Pro membership, or be limited to 1,000 images.

Now, when Flickr introduced its new membership plan users have until January 8th to upgrade to a $50 Pro account, and at that time, would not be permitted to upload any additional images if they had more than 1,000 images on the site.

On February 5th, those over-the-limit users who hadn’t upgraded and who hadn’t downloaded their archives would have their photos deleted, starting with their oldest ones. But now the company has extended that deadline to March 12.

SmugMug VP Scott Kinzie says that users complaints prompted them to extend the deadline, as users who were working to download their archives just prior to the deadline ran into some roadblocks they could only download 500 images at a time and faced slow downloads.

Now that could be a huge problem for users who have uploaded thousands of images.

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