April 15, 2024
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According to the report from Buzzfeed Facebook has failed to remove hundreds of post, memes and photos among others from India, that are aimed at minorities like LGBTQ, and religious groups that were reported by human right researcher for more than one year.

Facebook has been unable to moderate content of political nature in the US and Europe, it has also been held responsible for instigating mass violence owing to regional differences in countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka among others.

While it has repeatedly stated that it will be adding content moderators to make things better, this report suggests things are probably getting worse at its end.

The piece from Buzzfeed, citing another report, launched at the RightsCon conference this week, says that “Without urgent intervention, we fear we will see hate speech weaponized into a trigger for large-scale communal violence. After a year of advocacy with Facebook, we are deeply concerned that there has been little to no response from the company.”

Responding to the claims made in the report, a Facebook spokesperson highlighted the efforts made to remove and monitor content on its platform, and proactively detecting hate speech shared by different people.

These concerns are palpable, as Facebook caters to over 300 million users in India, and we’re not even talking about its userbase from WhatsApp and Instagram.

The Buzzfeed report further illustrates these concerns with a report presented by Equality Labs, a South Asian American advocacy group focusing on technology and human rights. The group shared posts on the platform, containing hatred content and wanting to test Facebook’s credentials, when it comes to removal of such material.

However, they observed that 93 percent of the posts reported to Facebook containing speech which violated Facebook’s own rules weren’t removed from the platform. Which clearly suggests that whatever Facebook has been claiming till now, has come to nought.

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