May 21, 2024
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Facebook revealed today that it has deleted 22 pages related with Alex Jones, as part of a its new policy update under which the company is tightening rules for administrators whose pages have been previously banned.

Previously, Facebook use to prevent administrators of banned pages from creating similar pages in the future. But the company has found that some administrators have attempted to evade enforcement by creating pages that they had created before their bans in an effort to rebuild their online communities.

Now this is the first time Facebook has removed pages in line with the updated policy. The company did not disclose much details about the new deleted pages of Alex Jones, but said that they used similar titles.

According to Facebook in all the removed pages, Jones himself was not an administrator on all of them. But all of them had administrators who also served as administrators on the four pages that the company removed in August.

Despite the most recent bans, Jones’ Facebook profile remains active. Under the site’s community standards, he is still allowed to create new pages so long as they do not resemble the ones that Facebook banned.

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